6×6 for iPhone, now with Volume+ Shutter Release

The lastest update to 6×6 for iPhone, the classic camera app from Jag.gr that takes high-quality square photographs, features the ability to use the hardware Volume+ button on your iPhone or iPod touch, just like Apple’s default camera app.

Volume+ Shutter Release


It works exactly like the shutter release on the standard app – while 6×6 for iPhone is in the foreground, the Volume buttons no longer adjust the audio level (so if you have a music playing in the background, you can’t change how loud or soft it its). Pressing the Volume+ button, however, takes a picture – making your iPhone feel more like a traditional camera. And if you’ve got earphones plugged in, you can use their volume-up button as a remote control, too!

Unlike the standard app, however, 6×6 for iPhone makes this feature optional – after all, you may prefer to leave your volume controls as volume controls, especially if you like to listen to music while you take photographs! To enable the Volume+ Shutter, just turn it on in the Settings menu, which can be reached by pressing the “film counter” on 6×6 for iPhone (or via the main Settings app on your iPhone or iPod Touch, if you prefer…).