Huntin’ fishin’ shootin’

Want toasty-warm hands and fingers free to iPhoneograph? Your best bet is to opt for gloves with open thumb and index finger tips and a fair bit of grip, ideally rubberized, non-slip palms.

So if you’re searching online, here are some of the most popular options, the terms used and what they describe:

  1. Photography gloves: designed for the photographer, these are usually very grippy (rubber pads or beads). They come in a variety of styles and weights. Lighter-weight versions have all the fingers enclosed (less ideal); the chunkier models have a flip back option for the thumb and first two fingers. 
  2. Fold back fingers and thumb: same idea as a flip back photographer’s glove (although not all have an open middle finger), these are available in all sorts of fabrics and often cost less than “real” photography gloves. Fancier models have magnetic snap-back to easily hold the flap away from the finger – a useful touch.
  3. Slit finger: much like the fold back, these are also available in neoprene (a fishing favorite); pop the thumb and index finger through the slit. The neoprene option is nice and grippy on the phone but not very flexible.
  4. Flip mitt: fingerless gloves with a full flip back/flip over mitten and a flip back thumb.
  5. Fingerless: regular gloves available in just about any fabric, with open finger tips (includes motorbike and gym gloves). A simple, inexpensive option; and if you team them with separate mittens, fingertips can stay warm.
  6. Trigger finger mittens: less practical for an iPhoneographer but some photographers using hard-core gear swear by them. This is a hunter’s accessory, a glove-meets-mitten, the thumb and index finger have their own sections (to operate the trigger) while the rest of the hand is cozied up in a mitt.

Brands worth looking at include Aquatech, Lowepro, Freehands and Stealth Gear.