Turn, Turn, Turn…

There are plenty of add-on lenses for the iPhone out there. Some of them stick over the lens, others screw in to specially-adapted cases. But the iPhone Lens Dial from Photojojo has to be the most radical yet.


iPhone Lens DialA chunky (described as "slim") aluminium case supports a three-lens turret reminiscent of the turrets once found on the front of Bolex H16 movie cameras. It's big, it's impressive and it may even be useful. More at Photojojo

But if the iPhone Lens Dial makes your iPhone look like an old Bolex, the Holga iPhone Lens Filter Kit makes it look more, well, like an old telephone. A selection of filters deliver various different effects, all with a typical Holga level of vignetting. Whether it's for you depends really on whether you like that degree of vignetting, and whether you like the specific effects.


Holga Filter Kit for iPhone


They're not for me, but I'm tempted to get one just to take it apart – I'd like to see if you could swap out the included filters for gels that are a little more subdued, and maybe trim down the holder to reduce the vignetting. More at Holga