6×6 & 6×7 for iPhone get Image Review

Take a photograph and then instantly review what you’ve taken. That’s what the new Image Review option adds to the new releases of 6×6 for iPhone and 6×7 for iPhone, available from the iTunes App Store today.

Like all these features we’ve been adding recently, this is strictly optional – you have to turn it on using the apps’ settings screens – so if you like your classic medium-format-style camera apps to be just they way they are, that’s just fine. 

Also, the main (Architectural) framing grid has been revised to break the viewfinder into exactly logical segments (six across and six down on 6×6 for iPhone, seven across – centered – and six down on 6×7 for iPhone), and there are a couple of minor bug-fixes.

These new releases are free for existing users, and if you don’t yet have 6×6 for iPhone or 6×7 for iPhone they’re on sale at the same low price of $0.99 (or the equivalent price-band in other currencies).

Available on the iTunes App Store