Celebrate with Santa’s ToyCam!

The festive season is upon us, and what better way to celebrate than by taking some fun photographs?And the best way to do that this year is with Jaggr’s Limited Edition release of Santa’s ToyCam!


Santa's ToyCam

Santa has given us special permission to let the world have access to his own, personal ToyCam¬†for just two weeks – and it’s available now on the iTunes App Store.

Santa’s ToyCam is great for adding seasonal borders or overlays to your images. It’s a great toy camera too, a serious homage to plastic-lensed cameras such as the Holga, complete with blurry corners, inconsistent vignetting and utterly random over-saturated colors – everything the serious photographer normally wants to avoid, but great, great fun!

You just point, shoot, and hope!

An as you’d expect from Jaggr, the final image quality is amazing, with support for the maximum resolution of your iPhone (that’s 2448×2448¬†pixels on an iPhone 4S).