6×6 – Simply Beautiful

In his Photographer’s Guide to iPhone Photo Apps, National Geographic travel photographer, Cotton Coulson, has fun with 6×6 for iPhone. It reminded him of shooting with one of his first cameras, a 6×6 Rolleiflex, and he made the most of the app’s twin-lens reflex setting. In his words, “The beauty of this app is that it helps you look and think more about simple compositions.”

See his photos and article in the National Geographic photography section here.

Coulson, like many pro photographers, enjoys the convenience of digital photography but still has a soft spot for the image qualities of analogue film. The fun of iPhoneography is that – with certain apps – you get a bit of both: digital convenience and the look and feel of analogue film!


  1. Tom Massey says:

    Fantastic APP. I love it. It would be helpful if you published the user guide on the website since it is a little tedious trying to read it on an iPhone, even with a magnifying glass. That would be great. Thanks.

  2. mike mcminn says:

    Great App. I used to shoot 30-40 weddings/year on Bronica and Mamiya TLRs so this app fits right in for me. It even very closely matches an 80mm-normal lens! I’m having a blast using it and love the fact I don’t have to turn the IPhone awkwardly “landscape” to compose and shoot. Thank you!