Exciting New Features 6×6 for iPhone and 6×7 for iPhone

6×6 for iPhone takes high-quality, square photographs while 6×7 for iPhone delivers that gorgeous 6:7 format. A favorite with iPhonographers and photographers since their launches, the newly-released versions bring fantastic new features.

Without complicating the core, simplicity of either app you now also get options to choose:

  • Real-time Preview – see exactly (from any of eight Color or B&W Modes) what you will take, in the viewfinder!
  • New Color Modes: Vibrant, for that super-saturated look, and Vintage, for a more period feel
  • New B&W Modes: Fine, which is ideal for portraits and Antique, with an orthochromatic effect
  • New black Print Border option to go along with the existing white border option

If you’re new to this pair of Camera Apps for iPhone, here’s the low down. You also get: fixed focal length, manual flash, focus and exposure control; selectable framing grids with digital “spirit level; a choice of color and black & white modes. Photographs have full EXIF data and location tagging and save straight to the iPhone’s Camera Roll. All this with super, snappy performance!

Pocket-sized reminders of classic medium-format cameras such as Hasselblads, Mamiyas and Rolleiflexes, these apps are about photography. They’ve been snapped up by many pro photographers who want “get what you take” photography. If that’s what you’re after then these are the apps for you. With simple uncluttered controls, you can focus on the most important aspect of photography: getting the right composition in the frame.

Retail at $0.99 / £0.59 / €0.79

6x7 for iPhone