645 PRO Has Arrived!

After all the anticipation, Jag.gr’s powerhouse new camera app for iPhone, 645 PRO, has shipped.

645 PRO is exclusively available from Apple’s iTunes App Store. Click here to buy it!

645 PRO on the App Store

Find out more about 645 PRO here.

645 PRO on the App Store


  1. Bruno says:

    great app. finally i can process iphone pictures in a valuable way! thanks to the developer!

  2. Reed says:

    645 Pro is not showing up in the US store.

  3. Reed says:

    That was only in iPad. It is showing up on iPhone. Thx.

    • Mike says:

      For some reason, it is not showing as compatible with new iPad, even though it is (it isn’t compatible with iPad 2, however, so it shouldn’t appear in the App Store app on those).

  4. Christian n'éprouve says:

    iTunes does not let me install your app on the new iPad (3rd gen.)

    Will you upgrade your soft to solve this matter?

    My iPad is a much more reliable machine in regards with my old iPhone4.

    • Mike says:

      Christian: that’s an App Store problem; it works fine on new iPad and we’re trying to get Apple to fix this. Sorry.

      • Christian Proulx says:

        You don’t have to be sorry. I just want to make sure that you understand what I was saying about iTunes.

        I bought your app, it works fine with my iPhone 4, but locally on my computer, iTunes warn me about the incompatibility of the app with my new iPad.

        Excuse my French by the way.

        • Mike says:

          It would help if you raised the matter with Apple via http://www.apple.com/support/itunes/, as well.

          • Thomas Van Norman says:

            I have downloaded an APP called 645 PRO on my iPhone 4.
            I cannot see the APP when I try to download it using my new iPad (3)
            Why not? It uses the same camera so it should work with both devices.

            • Mike says:

              There is a bug in iTunes/App Store that causes iPad (3rd Generation) to behave as though it doesn’t have an auto-focus camera when, in fact, it does. Apple is aware if the problem and is “working on it”. This issue does not just affect 645 PRO, but all apps that require an auto-focus camera.

              Incidentally, the camera is not the same as that in iPhone 4, but it should still be compatible with 645 PRO. We wish we could help but, as I say, it’s out of our control, being an issue entirely in Apple’s hands… Sorry.

              • James says:

                It is now July 19th and the iPad3 compatibility problem remains. Is Apple really working on fixing this? Is there nothing that can be done to assist Apple in accelerating the pace of the fix? We iPad users really want your app ASAP!

              • Mike says:

                As it almost certainly needs iOS to be fixed (the problem seems to be at the operating system level) I’m now, frankly, not expecting anything before the release of iOS 6. There are no rumours of any updates to iOS 5.x coming before that.

                We have heard from users of the beta releases of iOS 6 that it does not have the iPad-related issues, with iPad hardware being correctly reported to products (such as iTunes and the App Store app) that rely on that information to install only appropriate apps.

                Sorry, but we’ve at least got Apple to acknowledge the problem (and that was a challenge…). Now all we can do is wait.

  5. seems to overheat the phone rather quickly. please address this as this is one killer app!

    • Mike says:

      We’re working on that. It only affects some handsets (and didn’t affect any of out testing team’s, naturally) but we aim to have an improvement uploaded to Apple for approval ASAP.

      • Manx says:

        Mine is overheating and burning battery like crazy. Uninstalling until this is fixed. Not worth screwing up my iPhone.

        • Mike says:

          No need to uninstall—just don’t over-use it until the fix is in. This is an issue a small minority of (mostly, it seems, but not exclusively, jailbroken) iPhones, but Release 1.1 (due in the App Store in a few days – it’s Apple-dependent when…) should help, and we’ll continue to work on the issue .

  6. photohr says:

    Can you explain the different film kinds (like FC5, E6K) for us newbies? I didn’t see it anywhere and they are just codes to me, although in taking pictures with each mode I know they are different, but I’d like to know why.

    • Mike says:

      It’s important not to infringe anybody’s trademark, and these are “influenced by” rather than claiming to be exact clones (pretty much impossible, anyway, to be honest). But if I say the B&W modes are influenced by two different Ilford films and one classic Kodak, while the color stock (moving around the dial) gets its influence from one of the classier Kodak print films, a “cool” Kodak transparency, a blend of two Fujichrome transparencies (with a the more saturated dominating) and an older Kodak transparency, then you should be able to work it out with a minimum of research… And yes, the differences are deliberately subtle. If you want broad-brush pastiche, that’s easy to find. Our objective was to come up with a final image that, say, a magazine photo editor would enjoy receiving…

  7. john Driggers says:

    App doesn’t rotate on iPhone 4, so it is upside down when mounted in my tripod-mount case. Haven’t checked my other tripod mounts, but most new ones favor putting a landscape view mount on the non-volume button side of the case to take advantage of the volume button shutter release in the apple app. Please fix.

    • Mike says:

      We’re working on this – all our (and our testers’ ) cases have multiple mounts, so it wasn’t an issue. But it is now, and we’ll deal with it.

  8. David Cheok says:

    Nice app. These are some of my thoughts.

    Is there anyway to send the tiff to dropbox? This would be helpful for those who dont use itunes to sync out. Either that or have some other way to access the files e.g. via lightroom etc via its import function.

    Can you add more film emulsions like Fuji Velvia/Sensia/NPS/NPH Kodak Portra/UC/Tri-X/T-Max Ilford B&Ws etc..?

    The share button doesnt seem to work on my ip4s. Shows a blank screen. No images turn up even after several minutes.

    Apart from this.. im loving it. Your app should be my defacto camera app from now on.

    • Mike says:

      1. We’re looking at in-app TIFF management, including Dropbox, deletion, and so on.
      2. Again, we’ll look at being influenced by other film stock, and refining our interpretations of those that already influence us (some of which you name…)
      3. Sorry, this is a stupid bug that somehow slipped past the beta testers. You need to give the app access to Location Services. All apps that access the Camera Roll need this (it’s an Apple thing…). You can do it via the main Settings.app, typically on your first Springboard (“home”) screen. Release 1.1 will handle this more gracefully, and should be with you – depending on the App Store review process – in 7-10 days. My apologies.
      4. Cool!

  9. Adam Williams says:

    Bought the app, love it – very original interface and a throwback to great functional camera designs.

    One huge issue for me is the fixed orientation of the UI: most iPhone shooters are accustomed to shooting holding the phone in the left hand with the volume controls on the top right, leaving room on the front and back for a solid clench grip of the phone in the left hand while shooting. 645 seems to have the UI fixed so that the camera unit is on the left. This means the most natural and stable left hand grips obscure the camera. It’s very hard to hold the camera in this position with fingers out of the way.

    This desperately needs to be fixed – or is it a setting I’ve missed?

    One other thing – if you restore the other orientation, please add ‘+’ button for shutter release.

    Thanks again.

  10. David Cheok says:

    Sorry delete other post. Accidently sent.
    Nightmode problem. Changing to it slows shutter but changing it back to day mode keeps shutter slow. Wont shift back to higher shutter speeds.

    • Mike says:

      It takes a few seconds for the firmware to adjust, unfortunately. And sometimes it just doesn’t “take” for some reason – take it back into Night Mode and out again, and it should be fine. We’re working on this (but it may be at a deeper level an we can, as developers, go – a bug in the kit rather than the app).

  11. george says:

    How do I run the tutorial again? Did not run it the first time.

  12. Dario says:

    Hi, short question: how can i delete the raw files in my iphohe?

    • Mike says:

      In iTunes, go to the 645 PRO files in file sharing, select them and hit the Delete key.

      • Scott says:

        can not delete tiff files as described in iTunes

        • Mike says:

          Select the files in iTunes with your mouse-pointer (and, typically, Shift, Command or Ctrl, depending on your operating system and which files you want to delete). Press the Delete key. That works on every system we have ever seen.

          If you have support issues please contact Jag.gr support on the standard manner, via e-mail, rather than by posting comments to news items such as this; you will get a much swifter response, typically, and it is much easier for us to enter into a helpful dialog—e-mail 645[at]jag.gr.

  13. Steve D says:

    I like the app!

    A problem I am having, is constant crashes when using K14 film mode, highest jpeg setting but no dRAW, just after taking a shot, while the app saves the file. A number 1 appears on the app badge after it crashes, but the image does not get saved to the camera roll.

    I hope you can add exposure bracketing for HDR work, since this would be the main reason I would want to use the dRAW function. Having the film and back displayed in the LED is redundant, since the dials already show it. Use that screen space for bracketing controls.

    • Mike says:

      Hopefully, the update to 1.1 will fish your problem with the crash.

      We are looking at bracketing, obviously/ It’s an important area but one we only want to deliver if it’s good enough. It’s a real technical challenge, but one we are attacking with some vigor.

  14. markoinpanama says:

    Greetings and cudos on producing a truly great iPhone app. Since the day I brought my 4s home, the question has been whether it would replace my Canon S90 as my pocket travel camera. Now that question is answered. Add HDR and I would happily pay $10.99 (or name your price). Please indulge me for a few comments offered in the spirit of making a great product even better (or free advice is worth exactly what you paid for it).

    I want to make an argument for usability. The true worth of a camera (like a gun) is not measured on the test range, but when the herd of elephants is advancing and you desperately need to get a shot off – NOW. In other words, how does it perform under the harshest circumstances? For completely electronic cameras like the iPhone, one of the harshest environments is bright sun/high contrast lighting/poor eyesight for the user.

    In my view, the fetishization of the mechanical camera controls, while attractive to look at in the coffee shop, makes real world operation under adverse conditions more difficult. And frankly, the UIs of all modern cameras (like my 7D for example) suck big time. Not one camera that I have seen even remotely approaches Jobsian UI standards. So why copy them?

    Why copy the cheap (and hard to read) LCDs used on “mechanical” cameras? In bright sun, my ability to get the shot off is materially degraded by the lower contrast of that display, as opposed to the sharply rendered white on black text that the retina display can produce.

    On my 7D there is a $250 “upgrade” available just to stop the stupid function dial from turning accidentally. Why duplicate that defect with dials that are all too easy to spin with fingers groping for the shutter button as the elephants rush by? You are very unlikely to WANT to change the camera back or film type in the middle of a shooting event. A push and hold button with a pop-up menu would be FAR more useful for these functions and would consume less screen real estate.

    Finally, I grew up with film cameras in the 60s. I can still describe the differences between, say Kodachrome and Ektachrome, but the acronyms are looooong gone. Nor, I would say, do they mean anything at all to anyone who is not a professional photographer and/or is less than 40 years old. Different “looks” is a fine idea, but please, simplify the terminology. Again, the elephants are breaking down the walls – now what was the difference between E6K and T3?

    I would suggest that the market for your product is far, far, far beyond the relatively few nostalgic film photographers who will appreciate what you have created. There are millions, maybe billions of budding electronic photographers hungry for the control that you provide. The technical chops are all there. You have the opportunity to define the high-function, high-resolution, high tech camera interface for the future. What would Steve do?

    So sure, keep the “classic” interface as an option, but please provide a UI that maximizes usability and speed of operation under adverse conditions and makes maximum use of the retina display for readability in bright light.

    Trust me, I love the direction you are going. Best of luck and I hope to be supporting you at least with my dollars for a long time to come.

    • Mike says:

      Thanks for your comments. We really do take everything like this on board.

      There are three simple answers to your “why”. The first is “because a lot of people like it that way”, the second is “a lot of people specifically asked us for that” and the third is “because it’s a natural evolution of our existing product line”.

      That doesn’t mean we will necessarily stick with the “classic” approach in future apps’ UX. With 645 PRO I think Jag.gr is moving from “a business that develops camera apps are inspired by classic cameras” to “a business that is pushing the limits of iPhone camera technology”, and that shift may well be reflected in future product design/UX.

  15. David Cheok says:

    Still loving it. Some other feedback. I noticed the iphone does ‘auto-iso’ priority over all others (aperture is fixed) before ‘auto-shutter’. Is there a way to lock or set on or the other? At times we were rather have a fixed higher shutter e.g. 1/120th vs 1/20th than ISO64.

    And thanks for looking into incorporating more ‘film-like’ stocks.

  16. matt the songster says:

    Got this on iPhone 4s… Works perfectly… more than perfectly… You’ve reinvented the iPhone camera as far as I’m concerned….well done!! credit where credit is due…there is nothing to compare.. The results are incredible …. Thanks so much.

  17. Jort says:


    I just bought the 654PRO app and while playing with it the background of de camera controls turned red. I c’ant find in the manual what’s the reason and how to get it back to normal black.

    Awaiting your answer,

    kind regards


    • Mike says:

      You’ve changed the Body to Rosso. Douple-tap on the Back Selector to get Classic back. Page 21 of the User Manual.

      It’s best to contact us be e-mail for support issues, by the way—you’re more likely to get a swift response, and it’s a more fluid way to extend a dialog if necessary.

  18. Jyri says:

    Just wondering why on my iPhone it says +RAW, not +TIFF like in the manual? I guess it is the same thing?

    • Mike says:

      It is. Please see http://jag.gr/2012/04/17/645-pro-raw-redux/ and the explanation at the bottom regarding our decision not to hold back the app (while updating our marketing materials). The manual on the website is for Release 1.10, which is already in Apple’s hands awaiting approval, so should be available—if the normal tim-frames apply—within 7-10 days. Apologies for any confusion.

  19. GM says:

    Is it possible for developers to manually set the ISO on an iPhone?


    • Mike says:

      Not currently. I hope Apple will extend the camera API to allow such things, but it may be a forlorn hope…

  20. David Barkan says:

    Hello, it doesn’t work with iPod touch?
    I know it’s a lousy camera with it’s 1mp sensor, but it would be nice to have less processed images… could look nice in BW.

    Thanks, cheers!

    • Mike says:

      The iPod Touch (currently) doesn’t have an auto-focus camera, unfortunately.

      • David Barkan says:

        Mike, what does the auto-focus have to do with anything?
        Thanks, cheers.

        • Mike says:

          An auto-focus camera (in iOS terms) is a camera with variable—rather than fixed—focus. And you can therefore lock the focus at a particular position, one of the key features of 645 PRO. iPod touch is fixed-focus, so this element won’t work. Like the rest of iPod touch’s camera, this is not designed for high-quality images, which is 645 PRO’s area.

          • David Barkan says:

            I almost see your point. =) Again, what I really would seek in 645 Pro is solely less compressed images from the iPod Touch. Wouldn’t be the same “mechanism” (code)? I wouldn’t mind the disabled features, and I’m sure all other iPod Touch users are aware of it’s limitations.


            • Mike says:

              Actually, our experience is that most iPod touch users believe they have the same camera as iPhone 4, and are rather surprised that the images it produces (via third-party apps) don’t match those of iPhone 4 or 4S.

              To be honest, we do test extensively with iPod touch (and the similarly-equipped iPad 2) and I can assure you that lowering the compression will do little to enhance the image quality. JPEG compression is not even remotely the most (or even a significant) factor in restricting iPod touch image quality; the optics and sensor dictate what you get to such an extent that any low-level tweaks are pretty much irrelevant.

              And, consequently, we don’t want to make an app available for a platform where—in the eyes of most users—it will completely fail to deliver on its promises!

  21. David Barkan says:

    Thanks for clarifying Mike!
    Hopefully the next generation will have a better lens+sensor combo, so I can give mine to my kid. =)

    cheers! keep up the good work!