645 PRO Release 1.11.1 to bring fixes, an experiment

We hate bugs. The odd one is pretty much inevitable in an application as complex as 645 PRO, but we put a lot of effort into getting rid of them as quickly and thoroughly as possible. That’s why 645 PRO Release 1.11.1 is on its way very soon—it fixes a couple of bugs that crept into Release 1.11 when saving JPEGs and TIFFs at the same time. We appreciate how annoying these problems are, and would love to get the fixes out to the minute they’re identified and fixed, but each update needs to get App Store approval before it goes live, and that’s always a little time-consuming.

We have added (and, yes, tested and tested…) a few new elements to this release too, however. As well as using the main Settings.app to enter an Artist Name for your images’ metadata, you can now add Copyright data, including—if you want—the terms the license.

And there’s a new experimental feature, too. It should make iPhone’s auto-focus act a little more briskly in conditions where the light is less than perfect.

In its standard state, iPhone can take a while to find and lock the focus in high-ISO situations, but we’ve now added an option to use the built-in torch as an AF Assist lamp. It doesn’t fire with very slow shutter speeds, as it actually makes things worse then, but you may find it improves focus response for you in other situations. It is, we repeat, an experimental feature and one you may not want to use all the time—the torch is very bright, and might annoy people or animals, and it’s also not at all appropriate for close-up photography). Let us know what you think!

Release 1.11.2 will be following soon after—this will be a strict “under the hood” update, delivering (in places, substantially) improved memory management, power consumption and performance.


  1. Nairdauil says:

    Is your app iPad compatible? Will you be creating one for an iPad?

    • Mike says:

      645 PRO is, as far as we are concerned, compatible with iPad (3rd Generation). However, a bug on Apple’s end (acknowledged by Apple, which is ‘working on it’) prevents it installing. We hope Apple will fix this sooner rather than later.

      It is not compatible with iPad or iPad 2 as it requires an auto-focus camera, which these lack (original iPad lacking a camera of any sort). We will not be developing 645 PRO for these platforms as it is a high-end app that only makes sense when used with high-end camera hardware, such as that found on iPhone 4 and 4S, and iPad (3rd Genration).

  2. Tony says:

    What is Treble-tapping? I have tried to rotate the display but I can´t figure out how to do it. I´ve googled the term treble-tapping, but nothing comes up that explains the term. Thanks in advance for your help!

  3. ruichuen1989 says:

    one of the best thing about Camera+ is the stabilizer mode for me~
    as it is difficult to hold iPhone at times.
    It’ll be really useful if 645 Pro have stabilizer mode.

    • Mike says:

      If we can find a way of actually stabilizing the image (rather than merely telling you that you are being unstable!) then we will certainly build it in to 645 PRO.

  4. Darran Hunter says:

    I have just updated my 645pro app – it now takes pictures using the volume button.

    Haven’t read anywhere that you have added this – or maybe i missed it but this is fantastic.

    Only problem is it shows the iphone volume graphic too.

    Thanks for a great app

    • Mike says:

      Oh, that feature must have just, er, slipped in… Please could you mail us so we can discuss the volume graphic? 645[at]jag.gr.

  5. Darran Hunter says:

    Mailed you Mike

  6. Seb Gevers says:

    Discovered the volume trigger by mistake. Dont. tell. Apple.


  7. Raymond says:


    I love your app. It has become the default camera app I use now.

    But I can’t seem to find your support site, so I’m posting a feature-request here.

    I hope you’ll include a feature to take (a user-selectable number of) multiple shots with the timer. I think this will be great and useful addition.

    Or was this feature already already suggested and now in the works?

    • Mike says:

      Hi Raymond—support is handled by e-mail to 645[at]jag.gr. We’ll look at your suggestion, however!