645 PRO Release 1.12—What’s New?

With Release 1.12 of 645 PRO we’ve continued to enhance the performance of our flagship iPhone camera app. Some under-the-covers enhancements mean that it demands less from iPhone’s processor and memory than ever. That means snappier response, quicker file-saving and increased battery life.

But that’s not all…

We’ve added the option (via the main iPhone Settings.app) to save only TIFFs (rather than JPEG+TIFF) if you’re shooting in Q-Mode, with the Film Modes and Backs disabled; so if you only want the one file for post-processing, and you want it as a TIFF (rather than a JPEG), you’ve got it.

We’ve added the ability to lock the Back and Mode Selectors in position. Some users found they were changing settings by accident, and so taking a different photograph to the one they wanted (particularly hard to spot for those who choose to shoot with the Live Preview viewfinder option disabled). Now, however, you can tap-hold the dials to lock (and later unlock) them.

We’ve completely re-written the Live Preview viewfinder option to make it both quicker and sharper—while continuing to show you what your final photograph will look like—in real time. This is now doubly useful, as we’ve given you tools to have much more control over how that final image will look.

That’s because we’ve added adjustable, real-time filters to 645 PRO’s Film Modes. And when we say “filters”, we mean it in the old-school way; digital recreations of the color-correcting glass filters that used to be such a feature of photography.

Swipe the viewfinder left or right to cycle through the filter options: four primarily targeted at color photography and five for B&W:

  • Warm #85
  • Warm #81
  • Cool #80
  • Cool #82
  • Red
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Yellow
  • Orange

Because the filters are digitally applied after the image has been captured, they can be used to override some elements that the hardware and firmware impose. For example, if you’re shooting color and are unhappy with the automatic white balance your iPhone has selected (and can’t get to an alternative light-source in order to lock the white balance at a setting you prefer), you can make the image’s color temperature cooler or warmer using one of the top four filters in the list. And if you’re shooting B&W and would like—say—more dramatic skies or “cleaner” foliage, select the appropriate filter (typically red and green respectively) from the next five.

The sharp-eyed will have noticed that there is no mention of the filter density (generally indicated with a letter after the “numbered” filters, or terms such as light and medium with the others). That’s because all the filters are adjustable. When you mount a filter it is at 25% density, but you can change that simply by swiping the viewfinder up and down, to anywhere between 0% and 100%.

Incidentally, while the “warm” and “cool” filters are mainly for color photography and the others for B&W, there’s nothing to stop you using any filter you like with an Film Mode—and an intense colored filter can create some pretty wacky moods in a color shot if you’re that way inclined!

Tell-tales on the lower corners of the viewfinder tell you what filter you’re using (if you are), and its intensity:

(Yes, those are sweet waffles with bits of bacon in them—and what’s not to like about that?)

The full update list for Release 1.12:

➢ Significant further performance improvements

➢ Significant further power management improvements

➢ Enhanced video preview quality

➢ Photo filters: swipe viewfinder left-right to select; swipe up/down to adjust intensity

➢ Option to save JPEG+TIFF or TIFF Only in Q-Mode (via Settings.app)

➢ Tap-hold now locks Mode and Back Selectors to prevent changing settings accidentally

➢ Corrected behavior of shutter release AF lock when photo taken before acquisition/locking has occurred

➢ Modified Mode and Back Selectors to prevent false-positive double-tap detection


  1. ifonechip says:

    It just get better and better , thanks guys

  2. Kiril says:

    Awesome, guys.

  3. wtymu says:

    Thanks for improvements. Would be fun for the next shooting!.
    The filters can enhance the images for sure.
    Tn addition, the TIFF only saving mode is so useful for me to spare the storage for the long trip photo shooting.
    btw. I’m looking forward to seeing the night mode photo shooting with de-noise feature if possible.

    • Mike says:

      Unfortunately, there’s a bug with TIFFs in this release—already fixed and waiting for Apple to approve it. Really, really sorry about that, but it’s best to stick to JPEGs for the next few days.

  4. Jean-Paul G. says:

    Nice improvements.
    Though, I think I found a bug: If you use the “Hi-Vis shutter”, the filter selector does not work. I tried several times with and without it.
    Congratulations for this camera. The best one.

  5. Jean-Paul G. says:

    About my last post, I use an iPhone 4 and the last IOS.

  6. G says:

    Q mode TIFF only not working. JPG being saved to camera roll as well…

    • Mike says:

      Yes, there’s a bug that we have noted on Twitter. TIFF saving is all messed up, and a fix is already uploaded and awaiting Apple’s approval. Many, many apologies for this: safest approach is to stick to JPEGs for the next few days. Apologies again—if you want more sophisticated workaround, please e-mail us for details.

    • Mike says:

      And Release 1.21.1 is now available as a free update—get it from the App Store now!

  7. Arne G. says:

    Please implement the Option to avtivate the Photolight permanently.

    Greets from Germany

  8. Const says:

    I found one more “bug”: once the option FILTERS activated, I cannot deactivate it anymore. I switch that option off in settings, but once in camera interface, filters are still available to apply.
    Hope this is helpfull,
    Regards. (great programm anyway)

    • Mike says:

      Thanks – a fix is imminent. Please use e-mail for bug reporting, incidentally—it gets to the right place more quickly!

  9. Rob Le says:

    Love this app but can not take pictures using the up volume button as shutter release anymore after the last update. Anyone having the same problem? Very annoying! Please let us know if this will be fixed since. Thanks!

    • Mike says:

      Sorry that the Volume+ Shutter Release has disappeared from 645 PRO, but the matter was out of our hands: Apple’s App Store review team rejected Release 1.12.1 for having the feature (even though it had approved the last two releases…).

      We’re working (hard) to find a way of re-introducing it that will not be rejected by the App Store approvals process.

      • Rob Le says:

        Well thats too bad. Thanks for the reply and working on getting put back on again!

  10. Incredible app. Live preview is looking better and better, and I love the new filters.
    1) is there a way for the app to always start up in “q-mode?”
    2) I know it’s bc of the app store rules, but if you ever implement the volume+ shutter again, can you make the volume- button for exposure and focus lock?
    3) the app already produces some of the highest quality files I’ve yet to see on the iPhone, and I know this might be asking too much… Can there be a mode that saves a processed “film” lossless jpeg and unprocessed “q-mode” lossless jpeg? Sometimes waiting 10-20 seconds after two shots (in jpeg+ tiff) is really a killer, and most of the time the second shot is way delayed after the shutter is pressed.
    Thank you for your response in advance. I already know that you are pushing the iPhone to its limits, and have yet to see such power from other apps.

    • Mike says:

      Thanks for your comments, Richard. Glad you’re enjoying the filters!

      1) is something we’re looking at. It’s a clear plus for people whose default is Q-Mode, but may be confusing for others.
      2) is something we’ve tested and, if the wind changes, may well implement.
      3) is not something we’re currently planning. Ultimately, saving large files to Camera Roll is slow, no matter whether they’re HI-Quality JPEGs or TIFFs (which are similar sizes); for the best performance saving two files, save your TIFFs to the apps Documents folder for later access via iTunes File Sharing.

  11. opla457 says:

    Hi everybody !

    645Pro is better, better and better…. thank for this great app – Appreciate all features for all new updates !!!!! But…. just “one more thing” to add ???? The capacity to use the headphone as remote on a tripod will be the best to create just amazing photos….. Could you push (or try to) Apple accept this possibility for YOU ?????



  12. Kim says:

    I know there were issues in the past trying to get this available for ipad3. Has the issue been resoved? I tend to shoot mainly with the iPad and want to use this app. So far, no luck.

    • Mike says:

      Apple says it’s “working on it” but, to be honest, I’m not expecting a fix before iOS 6 (there being no signs of Apple planning an interim iOS update). Sorry.

  13. Joe says:

    Why not submit a 645 for iPad app with whatever code needs to be changed for app store to see the app correctly. As you know there are already a bunch of iPad photo apps out. They must have coded them properly to even be there “seen” as well as working. On my iPad visiting the app store 645 does not exist as we have discussed before, bad for your business and hard work. Rework the graphics and sell an iPad version. I’ll buy it on day #1.

    • Mike says:

      Joe, we’re only interested in making 645 PRO available for new (3rd Generation) iPad; iPad 2 just doesn’t have adequate camera hardware. And the only way to ensure that it is not flagged as compatible with iPad 2 is to specify that is requires an auto-focus camera, which new iPad has but iPad 2 doesn’t.

      And that’s where the problem lies, as iOS 5.x fails to report to software that needs the information (such as iTunes, or iPad’s App Store app) that new iPad does, indeed, have such a camera; it only does so for iPhone 3GS through to 4S. This will be fixed in a later release of iOS, I have no doubt, but for now it makes new iPad appear (wrongly) to be incompatible with 645 PRO.

      The only way we could make 645 PRO available for new iPad now would be to make it “compatible” with a whole bunch of hardware (iPad 2, iPod touch and so on) that isn’t actually powerful enough to run it, by removing the requirement for the auto-focus camera. And that would be extremely unprofessional, since users of such hardware would undoubtedly buy it, have a miserable experience with it and (rightly) blame us for that.

      The other alternative would be to “dumb down” the product substantially so that it does run happily on lower-specced hardware, which is equally unacceptable.

      It’s annoying, but all we can do is wait.

  14. Joe says:

    I just did a quick search in the app store for iPad only cameras. Found a few that under “requirements” list ONLY “iPad”, and nothing more, unlike most that list iPhone, as well as specific hardware models. Now granted I could not find any that just say “iPad 3” only, but I would think that is because the sellers would rather not limit their product sales. Now you know more about the App stores requirements then I do. I was just hoping that if all you had to do was make it clear on the purchase page that the hardware requirement was “iPad 3 ONLY”, that it might be a possibility as a work around. oh well …..

    • Mike says:

      It really isn’t that simple. If it was, we would have done it—we really do want owners of new iPad to be able to use 645 PRO! Soon, when iOS 6 is released, they should be able to do so.

  15. bik0z says:

    Sorry to dig up an old thread: how about adding a (tiny) red LED in the center of the Back and Mode selectors?

  16. bik0z says:

    I admit that it would be more for consistency with other controllers (red LED = locked) than for absolute necessity (though I have not been able to treble-tap to rotate 180° when the Back selector is locked.)

    That said with double-tap, treble-tap and now tap-hold gestures, that may be convenient, not just visually appealing…