We’re looking for beta testers

We’re working on a pretty substantial update to 645 PRO at the moment, and would like to expand out pool of beta testers (people who test the software before it’s released) for this and other apps.

It involves downloading and installing new—and potentially unstable—builds of software and working them hard before providing feedback. That feedback may help to identify bugs, or it may help to improve forthcoming products in other ways.

The reward for you is the thanks you get from us, the knowledge that you’ve helped many other iPhoneographers work with better tools, and the opportunity to experiment with—and maybe even influence the design of—as-yet unannounced products.

On the flip side, you DO need to test the apps thoroughly, and you DO need to provide timely feedback.

We’d really like to hear from people who are already familiar with 645 PRO, using iPhone 4S or iPhone 4.

Testing will be managed via TestFlight and will require you to share your iPhone’s UDID.

And please don’t be upset if you ask to be a tester but aren’t selected; we look for different types of tester and it’s possible that we already have someone whose profile (for our needs) matches yours. Also, we’re not looking for that many people!

Please get in touch using out contact form


  1. Aake Kinnunen says:


    I’d like to enlist as a beta tester of 645 Pro. I’m a professional photographer who uses 645 Pro whenever I use iPhone to share or capture something on the sideline.

    I have also done a bit of testing previously, even owning iOS developer account in the past, and I’ve done lightweight scripting and database designing – so I have a decent understanding how software works.

    I also previously complained about the UI of 645 Pro, and I still think it could use improvement: I always click it to Q mode and be done with it, doing post processing in Snapseed.

    Otherwise: thank you for improving the (technical) quality of my photos and hope you will consider me for beta!

  2. michael ross says:

    i want to test the 645 pro i have been looking for testing jobs i am good at spotting glitches and i am a fast learner

  3. Mike says:

    Thanks to all who’ve written in—we now have enough applicants!

  4. Dmitry Novak says:

    I’ve read you just have enough testers, but maybe it will be possible for me to envolve as an exclusion.
    Firs of all, I’m photographer, livejournal blogger (2500+ subscribers), digital editing specialist and a podcaster. And yes, I have a good instagram at dmitry_novak :)
    I can write reviews and so on, and this can help substantly to popularise your app cause my auditory is wide enough and I feel very enthousiastic about your software.
    Thank you!

  5. John Milton says:

    I would like to offer my services as a BETA tester for your camera app. I am a very keep iphonographer as well as more traditional Photographer. I always seem to find items or features that would improve software for everybody in the apps that I use and I tend to point these out and are usually ignored. I would love to be given the chance to give positive feedback that was listened to and pondered over before a level headed decision was made to utilise it or not.

  6. John Milton says:

    Unfortunately I don;t read other posts above my own. Nor instructions unless I get hopelessly stuck :)