It’s here! 645 PRO Release 2.0 has arrived…

Since its launch in April, 645 PRO has proved itself very popular with the iPhone photography community—more popular than we ever hoped! This has let us benefit from a great deal of feedback when developing the second major release of the app.

And now it’s here! 645 PRO Release 2.0 is NOW available for download from the iTunes App Store.

645 PRO

And it’s (nearly) here! Yes, 645 PRO Release 2.0 will be available for download from 10:00 UTC/GMT tomorrow, 15 September 2012. (That’s 03:00 Pacific, 06:00 Eastern, 11:00 BST, 12:00 CEST, and so on…)

Release 2.0 of 645 PRO is:
  • Faster
  • More robust
  • More capable

than ever before.

Faster, stronger…

Many core elements of the software have been re-written to optimize performance in various areas, from the real-time preview and UI responsiveness through to file save times. There has also been a huge push to ensure that it is completely stable in operation, even when challenged by external factors (such as misbehaving third-party apps).  And everything has been through an extensive pre-release testing phase.

Bigger, better…

Then there are the new features:

A pair of new photo filters have been added, providing a choice of neutral graduated filters that can help bring landscape skies to the fore. And the way that photo filters are accessed has also been modified, making it easy to toggle between a previously set-up filter setting and no filter:

The Film Modes have received some subtle yet sophisticated mods that help to overcome the inherent iPhone tendency to blown-out (clipped) highlights. Quite simply, these bring image highlights to life.

645 PRO now supports automatic interface rotation (lockable, for those who prefer a fixed orientation). And photographers using externally mounted DSLR lenses now have the ability to “flip” the viewfinder image to compensate for the inverted image they get from their add-on lens kit.

Behind the scenes…

But the bulk of the additions can be seen after a photograph has been taken. Press the View/Share button and you’ll see that Instagram has been added to the sharers. You also now have an Open In… option, that will open the image you are viewing in any application installed on your iPhone that exposes an interface for the file type in question (including Dropbox).

And if you choose to save unprocessed dRAW TIFF files to 645 PRO’s private Documents folder, you’ll see a new icon leading you to a space where these files can be managed in-app, rather than via iTunes File Sharing.

You can view and delete your TIFFs, use the Open In… functionality with those apps that support it, and copy images to Camera Roll for later editing using another app, or for syncing to your computer.

Since its launch, 645 PRO has been the most powerful iPhone photography app available.

Now it’s better than ever!

  • 645 PRO Release 2.0 sells for $2.99 (€2.39, £1.99…) or the equivalent in your local currency
  • 645 PRO Release 2.0 is a no-charge update for existing users

645 PRO on the App Store

Full update list:

➢ In-app management of dRAW TIFFs in the 645 PRO Documents folder: includes Preview, “Open In…”, Copy to Camera Roll and Delete functionality
➢ Added Camera Roll “Open In” function for all compatible apps (includes third-party editing apps, and Dropbox, if installed)
➢ Added Camera Roll sharing to Instagram
➢ Updated/enhanced other sharers
➢ Photo filters modified: now swipe left-right to toggle on/off, up-down on LH side to select, up-down on RH side to adjust intensity
➢ Two new photo filters: hard and soft neutral graduated
➢ Photo filter settings stored in metadata
➢ Auto-rotation replaces treble-tapping on Back Selector to rotate 180° (lockable via main
➢ Added DSLR lens flip option (via for users with external, typically DSLR, lenses that flip the image
➢ Photographs can be saved to custom Camera Roll albums (named via main
➢ Enhanced Film Modes, optimised to reduce blown-out highlights wherever possible
➢ Enhanced saving performance
➢ Larger file save buffer for TIFFs
➢ New Buffer Full indicator
➢ Split-screen level guide goes “bright” when level
➢ Enhanced GPS accuracy
➢ Grid, Meter, WB-L and Timer buttons have larger target “hot zone”, so easier to press
➢ Further overall performance/power management enhancements
➢ Minor UI tweaks to enhance responsiveness
➢ Fixed: filters cannot now be set in Q-Mode
➢ Fixed: focus point-of-interest selection is more accurate when zoom is used
➢ Minor bug fixes, tweaks and enhancements to performance and power-management
➢ iOS 6 compatibility updated
➢ User Manual updated



  1. Well done, Mike!
    I’ll shoot with 645 PRO 2.0 tomorrow.

  2. Season says:

    Fantastic updates…bravo!
    I’m still on the outside though as I only have iPod and iPad3, and keep wishing and hoping that I could use it. I’ve been following it since it was first released but sadly not able to use it.
    Will it ever be compatible with the newest iPod ? (or the iPad)

    • Mike says:

      We expect iOS 6 to bring compatibility with new iPad (3rd Generation), and fully expect 645 PRO to be compatible with the latest iPod touch announced on 12 September.

  3. bik0z says:

    I cannot wait to try this new version!
    (by the way, 10:00 UTC/GMT is perfect as I live in Europe :-)

    My wishlist for version 2.1:

    – Free-form field for copyright information in preferences (for consistency with other apps);

    – Self-timer locking for consecutive shots (maybe with automatic unlock after a certain delay).

  4. Brandon says:

    If I may suggest a correction: “gradated” is the correct term to mean a gradually increasing/decreasing effect like seen in a gradient, not “graduated” (I know it seems logical to use “graduated”, but that’s English for you).

  5. Michael Koch says:

    For me, the color filters have an effect. But the new hard and soft neutral graduated filters don’t. I can see the effect in live preview, but it seems, the effect would not be saved into the photo.

    • Mike says:

      Maybe you need to increase the filter level, or else aim at something where the effect is more noticeable (ideally, a pale sky over a dark landscape). The best results are with landscapes, and the filter set to 50-100%.

      • Michael Koch says:

        I have still no luck. I went outside today to test it. I see the filter effect in preview, but not in the saved photo (jpeg). Like stated above, the color filters work fine. I use a iPhone 4, iOS 5.1.1.

        • Mike says:

          It’s there, honestly! In certain situations (and with some Film Modes) it can be very subtle. But this is software, and the same logic applies to all iPhones running it. And it’s working on all our test devices, and those of our beta testers too (and, from the feedback we’re getting, lots of customers as well…).

          • Michael Koch says:

            I do belive what you say. But, what is live preview for? What I mean is, live preview is not showing exactly what you will get, isn’t it? Or, in this particular case, live preview is totally wrong. Or, I can’t handle 645pro to get what I want.

            This is a screen shot with no filters:

            This is a screenshot with neutral grad #2 @ 91%:

            And the photo I got looks similar to live preview in the first picture.
            I moved the iPhone a bit to the right between 1st screen shot and the 2nd. So, you can see, the photo itself was taken after the 2nd screen shot. But where is the darker sky compared to the screen shot?

            • Mike says:

              That certainly does look odd, and it’s not something we can reproduce. Please can you mail 645[at] or go to and we’ll see if we can sort this out.

              There can be subtle differences between live preview and the final image due to differing pixel densities, but nothing like that!

    • Mike says:

      You can see the sort of results you should be getting here.

  6. Gary Wornell says:

    Downloaded the upgrade Mike and really enjoying the improvements. Looking forward to putting this app through the paces at Photokina this week. See you there. Gary

  7. Richard Swagger says:

    Version 2.0= gloriously awesome! Love the speed of “Q” mode write time when saved to 645pro folder! Virtually no wait with 4 shot buffer on my iPhone4 Also loving the new swipe interface for filters… Turning on and off so simply is great for comparison.
    Can you explain a little more about what you did for the highlights in the film modes. :) Am I right in assuming that it doesnt work towards the dRaws?
    Anywhoo… Thanks for the awesome update. Im sure the next update is gonna rock even more too!

    • Mike says:

      The highlight enhancement in the Film Modes doesn’t change the dRAW TIFFs nor Q-Mode images, as those are, by definition, unprocessed. However, we (to over-simplify) built something similar to Lightroom’s highlight-recovery into the Film Modes if you’re shooting with them.

      The idea is that, even with high-contrast situations (pet fur being, interestingly, one of those that was most raised) the development process should try to protect the subtleties of the brighter elements as much as possible.

      The limitations of iPhone’s sensor are still there, but this tries to work around them as much as possible!

  8. Michael Koch says:

    I have a símple (?) wish for a next release: On the review screen, double tapping should view the photo in a 100% view (like the photos app from apple). I think, this is a handy feature to check sharpness or whatever :)

    • Mike says:

      Michael: Apple’s Photos app just zooms in to the app’s own maximum zoom (200% of the full-screen view, which is the same as in 645 PRO) rather than giving a 100% view—it’s just a shortcut to pinch-zooming to the same level.

      We’ll look at adding something similar in a later release.

  9. kindless says:

    Love the app, it’s the only camera app I’ve used every day since I got it, before I would jump between three or four different ones depending..

    Would it be possible in a future release to include interval timed shots? Also a bulb function?

    • Mike says:

      We’ll look at interval timing. Unfortunately, a bulb function isn’t currently possible with the API made available to developers by Apple.