645 PRO Release 2.10—two new backs & iPhone 5 support!

The latest update to 645 PRO has hit the App Store. This release takes fill advantage of iPhone 5’s new display:

It also adds two new backs, to give you ever wider formatting options:

The new 6×7+ back reflects that fact that many film cameras that shot in the 6×7 format—especially SLRs—didn’t keep to a strict 6:7 format but rather produced negatives that (at a 4:5 ratio) were ideal for printing at the standard 10×8-inch size: so if you want eight-by-tens, then this is for you!

The new 6×12 back is there for those who want a wider format that is less extreme than the panoramic 6×17, but less “televisual” than the HDTV’s 16:9.

Also in this release, the neutral graduated filters rotate with the camera’s physical orientation, so you can use them in landscape (and, on those rare occasions where it’s appropriate) upside-down landscape orientations.

We hope you like the upgrade!


  1. Tim O'Sullivan says:

    I bought 645 Pro for my iPhone 5 a couple of days ago. I installed the update that it offered me yesterday, and now the app won’t launch at all. It acts like it is going to launch, but it shuts down immediately after showing a view of the camera. As the vendor seems to have no support page or anything, I guess I’ll just have to post this everywhere I can find in the hope that someone will notice it and, maybe just maybe, do something to fix it. I did not install any other software after running the update. As this is the most expensive app I have paid for for my iPhone, I really hope that the vendor will earn the value they charged for it.

    • Mike says:

      Sorry to hear you are having this problem.

      It appears to be related to some inherent (and troubling…) issues that iOS 6 has with updating apps.

      Try deleting the app from your iPhone and re-downloading it (App Store->Updates->Purchased).

      The support page is at http://jag.gr/645pro/support/ – there is a link to this on 645 PRO’s iTunes listing on ALL devices, and also on the main 645 PRO product page at http://jag.gr/645pro/

  2. Cinco de Bayou says:

    That’s recommendation works! It fixed the problem!