645 PRO Mk III: It’s Better than Better

Welcome to 645 PRO Mk III, the app designed to make your iPhone or iPad camera deliver the best possible photographs.

645 PRO Mk III builds on everything Jag.gr has done to make earlier versions of 645 PRO the photography enthusiast’s “Go To” app, but adds an unprecedented range of manual control.

Every update in the past has made 645 PRO better, but this is much, much more—it’s better than better!

So what’s new?

Let’s start with the manual focus override.

Over the years, Apple has done a pretty good job of managing focus. The auto-focus works very well for a camera with a small sensor and a small lens, and being able to select the focus point-of-interest and lock the focus (key features of 645 PRO since its launch) add a surprising degree of control. But, if you really care about focus, it’s not enough.

So we’ve added manual focus override—just slide your finger up and down the viewfinder (you can work at an angle if you want more subtle changes) and you can set the focus exactly where you want.

But that’s not enough, either—it can be hard to see, on a phone or tablet, just how sharp the scene is. So we’ve added a couple of professional-level tweaks.

  • The first is focus peaking. This is a technique recently introduced in some high-end mirrorless cameras that uses contrast-detection to highlight areas that are in focus. So you can really see what’s sharp and what’s not when focusing manually, thanks to the white highlight. 
  • Then we have the option of focus zoom, that automatically zooms the viewfinder in while you’re focusing manually, so you have an even clearer picture of what’s as sharp as possible.

Together, these tools give you focus control like you’ve never seen on an iPhone or iPad (and better than many DSLRs!).

Now, how about manual exposure?

Yes, we’ve got that.

  • You can have fully manual exposure where you set the shutter speed and the ISO (but not the aperture, as all iOS devices have a fixed, non-adjustable aperture) to the setting you want.

And there’s a built-in exposure meter, so you can see how much you are under- or over-exposing the scene as a whole.

But that’s not all—we also have two semi-automatic modes.

  • With Shutter Priority, you set the shutter speed and the ISO (light sensitivity) automatically adjusts itself to give you the correct exposure.
  • With ISO Priority, you set the ISO (light sensitivity) and the shutter speed automatically adjusts itself to give you the correct exposure.

And then there’s exposure compensation.

  • In Auto mode, and also in the two semi-automatic modes, you can set the exposure compensation to give you an exposure that is up to ±3 Ev from the “correct” exposure (if you’re a bit old school, an Ev equates to an f-stop).

So, we’ve got more exposure control than any iPhone or iPad has ever had. So what’s next?

One more thing: how about top-quality white balance control?

Generally, AWB (auto white balance) works pretty well, and you can always lock it if you’re in an environment where it may change, thanks to 645 PRO’s WB-L button. But if you’re serious about this stuff, you’ll be carrying an 18% Grey Card and wanting to lock on that. Fine: just long press on the WB-L button while your 18% Grey Card fills more than half the viewfinder at 1.0 zoom, and you’re sorted.

Or maybe you want to lock on a particular standard setting, such as Tungsten, or Daylight? That’s easy too—just enter the menu system and pick the preset that’s best for you.

And what if you have a specific color temperature and tint in mind? No problem there—just enter the menu system and choose the custom white balance option, and then set the Custom white balance as you want it.

We’ve also added a bunch more to 645 PRO Mk III, including automatic exposure bracketing (±3 Ev per bracket), an enhanced review/share view that allows you to delete images, and much, much more…

  • We love making 645 PRO better and better, but with 645 PRO Mk III we’ve gone further—it’s better than better!

Please get in touch if you have any questions or issues—we’ll always respond, and as promptly as possible!