6×6 for iPhone

Take high-quality, square photographs with 6×6. It’s a reminder of the old 6cm (or 2¼-inch)-square medium format that was so popular with both amateurs and professionals using 120, 220 and 620 roll film. Because it just looks so good.


  • 1:1 image ratio (yes, square)
  • Blistering performance
  • Optional Real-time Preview
  • Full EXIF support—including location-tagging
  • Manual focus and exposure control
  • What you see is what you capture
  • Framing grids help keep your verticals and horizontals where they should be
  • “Split-image” shows where the middle of your composition is, and even whether it’s level
  • Fixed focal length lens (no digital “zoom” making your photographs fuzzier)
  • Saves straight to the Camera Roll
  • Manual flash control—it’s either on or off
  • Color or B&W
  • Elegant user interface
  • No “retro” image-processing—old 6×6 cameras could take great pictures; if you want to mess them up afterwards (what exposure to the elements has done to some old prints), it’s up to you

Advanced settings

  • Opt-in to Real-time Preview—see exactly (from any of eight Color or B&W Modes) what you will take, in the viewfinder!
  • Picture Review lets you see your photographs on screen straight after you’ve taken them (tap to clear)
  • Select B&W Mode from Standard, Dynamic, Fine or Antique
  • Select Color Mode from Standard, Dynamic, Vibrant or Vintage
  • Print Border adds a crisp white or black border to your photographs
  • Control sounds: audio feedback when you click a switch or press a button
  • A retro flashgun sound, for some serious nostalgia
  • For the true obsessive, 6×6-Flex (TLR) Mode replicates the effect of the standard waist-level viewfinder on a twin-lens reflex camera, with a mirrored preview!
  • Settings button is a “film counter” that shows you, through a red jewel, when (and how many) images are background saving

Manual focus/exposure control

  • Tap to set the focus/exposure point-of-interest
  • Tap-hold to set an independent exposure point-of-interest (a single tap now manages focus alone)
  • Swipe the display to lock the focus and exposure
  • Double-tap to return to Autofocus/Autoexposure

If you find other camera apps over-fussy (and their photographs annoyingly oblong) then 6×6 is the app for you. It stays out of your way as you focus on the most important aspect of photography: getting the right composition in the frame.

6×6 for iPhone is exclusively available on the iTunes App Store.